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NAPOLEON I (Emperor of France, 1804-1821). Letter signed ('Napol') with six words in autograph, addressed to Prince Eugène, Schönbrunn, 24 June 1809 'a 2 heures après midi', in French, announcing that he has sent six mortars to the Duke of Auerstadt (Marshall Davout), and intends that he should burn Pressburg, instructing Eugène to announce his advance on Pest, to attack Raab, and to be ready to leave for Vienna if necessary, [in autograph] 'selon l'ordre que je vous enverra', ½ page, 4to, integral blank leaf, '22' annotated in a different hand in upper left margin.

Eugène Beauharnais had been adopted by Napoleon as his son in 1805 and appointed ViceRoy of Italy. In the spring of 1809 he defeated the Austrians at Sacia and pursued them into Carinthia. Eugène was successful at Raab, and took part in the French victory at Wagram shortly afterwards.

The letter is unpublished.      

The Project Gutenberg EBook of A History of the French Novel, Vol. 1, by George Saintsbury

The invincible hero, however, subdues at once the rebel and the destroying element; captures the Assyrian, who is not only his enemy and that of his master Cyaxares, but his Rival (the word has immense importance in these romances, and is always honoured with a capital there), and learns that the escaping galley carried with it his beloved Mandane, daughter of Cyaxares, of whom he is[Pg 180] in quest, and who has been abducted from her abductor and lover by another, Prince Mazare of Sacia.

Sacia meaning
Portuguese  -    sacia (cloy, cloys, sate, sates)
Spanish - (quenches)

-----------------------------      surnames.sacia

Larry noted that most of the folks who settled in Schenectady were not native English speakers and that names were written down as they sounded. He's come across the following spellings of "Sacia": Sesje, Sesie, Sacie, Sezie, Seezie, Sege, Sieze, Sigie, Sage, Siege, and Seser.

Paul Scarseth, a descendant of Harmon Van Slyke Sacia (as I am) with whom I've also been in touch, has theorized that the Sacia's may have been from (northern) Spain. There are Sacia's in the Bilbao area in Basque country..... (much of the Basque area is on the border of France and Spain and is often in dispute.)

Scott White
Margaret SACIE , daughter of Le Sire de Sacie, was born about 1077 in Dunham Massey, Cheshire, England. She died in Dunham Massey, Cheshire, England.

DAVID SACIA, RWPA #W17768. He married in the City of Schenectady, Schenectady County, New York in 1772, Susannah Bradt, a daughter of Ephriam Bradt. The Schenectady Reformed Church records refer to him as David Seye. He died on March 8, 1828 and was in his 92nd year of life. He served as a private in the forts at Schoharie & Middleburgh under Captain Abraham Oothout of the Second Regiment of Albany County Militia (listed as David Sacie) [Colonel Abraham Wemple's Regiment] under the immediate command of Colonel [----] Zielly. His widow states that he was taken prisoner once while out near Bowman's Creek in Montgomery County and conveyed into Butler's Camp [sic], but escaped the night after he was taken. His widow states that she believes him to have served in Fort Hunter, Fort Plain, Fort Stanwix, Johnstown, Lake George, Albany, and Schenectady. His widow believes him to have been in skirmishes at the Upper Schoharie Fort at Middleburgh & at Cobuskill under Colonel Zielly, as he spoke frequently of the rifleman Timothy Murphy. [M805].

Oothout, Dutch, settled in New Netherlands, NY........ 1700's. Fort Orange, the northernmost of the Dutch outposts, is known today as Albany; New York City's original name was New Amsterdam, and the New Netherland's.

1751 ?? May; Ephraim Bratt, son of Samuel Arentse; Claartje Bosie, dau. of Philip Bosie, wid Cornelis Viele,
1752 Jun 17; Susanna, m. David Sege
1759 Jan 14; Cornelia, m. Martin Van Benthuysen
176? ??? ??; Margarita, m. Nicolaas Van Petten


177? ?? ???; David Sege; Susanna Bratt, dau. of Ephraim
1773 Sep 05; Ephraim
1775 Mar 19; Elisabeth
1776 Sep 08; Philip
1779 Apr 04; Pieter
1781 Jul 29; Johannes
1783 Sep 21; Susanna
1785 Jun 03; Geertruy (b)

17?? ?? ???; David Sacia; Susanna Bratt
1786 Nov 03; Margarieta (b)
1788 Dec 30; Debora (b)
1792 Mar 04; David Frederic (b)

1796 30 Mar; Peter Green, m. Elisabeth Sacia
1796 Nov 17; Richard (b)
1798 Apr 24; David (b)

David Sacia was illiterate and signed his name with an X. I have found some evidence that he may have had a relative (brother perhaps) that lived in Schenectady as well. If so, his name has been recorded as Pieter Sege. This person, however, is a complete dead trail.

David Sacia, b. 1736, d. 3 MAR 1828

(Source: Sacia Family History, ca. 1968/9)
Children's births/baptisms - (Source: Pearson, Jonathon, "Genealogies of the First Settlers of Schenectady", Schenectady Library, Schenectady History
In various publications, last name is spelled Siger, Sesje, Siege, Sacia, and other...
David served in the Revolutionary War. From A History of Schenectady (NY) During the Revolution, by Willis T. Hanson, Jr., Interlaken, NY: Heart of the Lakes Publishing, 1988, p. 208:

    "He was enrolled under Captain Abraham Oothout, 2nd Albany County Militia. At various times he served as "an express rider" and on one occasion was taken prisoner by the Indians and carried to their camp. He made his escape on the following night and returned to the service. He was often on duty drawing wood to and from various posts. Once while returning from Lake George the Indians drove him from his regular crossing, and he had to swim the river with his horses and wagon. He was at the Upper Fort, Schoharie, when Timothy Murphy fired on the flag of truce sent forward by Sir John Johnson, in the engagement at Cobleskill and in pursuit of the enemy after the raid on Ballston. He performed various garrison and guard duties, being stations from August to October, 1781, at Claas Viele's Rifts. His widow received a pension."

    Also see the Pension Application for David Sacia, as transcribed by James F. Morrison.

Spouse: Susanna Bradt, b. 10 MAY 1751 in Schenectady, Schenectady, NY

Father: Ephraim Bradt, b. bef. 13 FEB 1712 in Schenectady, Schenectady, NY
Mother: Claartje Bosie, b. bef. 23 NOV 1717

Married 1772.

Children and grandchildren:

    Ephraim Sacia, b. bef. 5 SEP 1773 in Schenectady, Schenectady, NY
    Elisabeth Sacia, b. bef. 19 MAR 1775, m. Peter GREEN, 30 MAR 1796; 2 grandchildren
    Philip Sacia, b. bef. 8 SEP 1776, m. Sabrina WRIGHT, 10 DEC 1797 in Reformed Dutch, H., G, NY; 6 grandchildren
    David Fred Sacia, b. 17??
    Pieter Sacia, b. bef. 4 APR 1779
    Johannes Sacia, b. bef. 29 JUL 1781
    Susanna Sacia, b. bef. 21 SEP 1783
    Geertruy Sacia, b. 3 JUN 1785

The Moroccan company SACIA is responsible for a large part of the national olive export.
Sacia Avenue, Fairbanks AK 99712
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Socia, Seki, Suki, Sukie, Suciu, Sagi, Sacino, Socie, Sadie, Sacio
SACIA (Paris Hotel)
Place de la Runion
Paris 75020, France
..... surname, Sacia, is prevalent in Sicily, Spain, somewhat in Bilbao, and South America. ...
Sacia me/ Satisfy My Soul - is a very popular song, mostly recorded in Spanish and some French
  ....   if we turn to Spain, or if we pass the great mountain chain which, .... was brought into close action with the Persian and Sacian divisions of the enemy. ..............  where the native Persians and the Sacae fought.
1961 Copa Libertadores Finals - South America
José Sacia scored in the first two minutes of the match in order to give Peñarol their second consecutive title in the competition.
More Info:
Statistics for Family name Sacia:
    Sacia is the 86657th most common family name in the United States
    Sacia occurs 200 times in the 2000 - US Census.
        0.07 out of every 100,000 people in the United States have the family name Sacia
        96% are White
        0% are Black
        2.5% are Hispanic (any)
        0% are Asian / Pacific Islander
        0% are American Indian / Native American


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